life before KDE 4.1

Lots of Linux distros will release major versions before KDE 4.1 will arrive. What for? May be better to still use KDE 3.5.x?

according to Wikipedia:

In principle, in subsequent releases, the major number is increased when there are significant jumps in functionality, the minor number is incremented when only minor features or significant fixes have been added, and the revision number is incremented when minor bugs are fixed.

according to Wikipedia:

KDE 4.0 was released on January 11, 2008. Despite being a stable release, it is intended for early adopters.
[22] Users wanting a stable, "feature complete" desktop may wish to continue using KDE 3.5 for now.[23]

Kubuntu will be released this month with KDE 4.0, Mandriva was released with KDE 4.0.2, and SUSE
will be released just few days before KDE 4.1 will arrive, with latest KDE 4.0.x on board.

I am not against releasing. I am just afraid of possible low quality of KDE 4.1 from update centers...


Do you like April 1?

Day of no-news. Every site see their duty to publish some "jokes". What for? Most of them are not funny nor interesting. Titles are the same as everyday yellow press. The only really interesting joke i noticed is this one.