Chaos Obliterators handmade

There are only two metal models of Obliterators on Games-Workshop. I really hate metal models. That's why I took Chaos Terminators box and pack of greenstuff to make my own obliterators.

Obliterator-virus is technovirus by fluff, and I can't understand why original obliterators are covered with skin like some Nurglish followers. Skin should be visible in places of technology attachments as for me, but not to cover all the huge terminator armour.

This guy got additional inputs into his brain, in addition to all his weapons in right arm and "power fist" made from terminator "possessed arm" and arm of possessed marine:

Head of this guy is covered with small datacables, and he got servo arm somewhere. His "power fist" is a combination of terminator's shoulder and possessed arm to:

Once this guy was terminator, and got obliterator's bionic. Now he just can't get out of his terminator armour and have plenty of weapon to use: