SUSE 11.0 handmade

SUSE 11.0 released about a week ago. As few previous versions, there is lack of proprietary multimedia formats support. And there is few ways to resolve it. First, most common way - to add packman repository and install everything from there, and to find other repositories for freetype2 and few other packages. But I don't like this way. SUSE team did a great job with packages and integration, downloaded from other sources packages rarely have this level of integration. My way - to take official SUSE src.rpm packages from official source repositories, and build it with SUSE build tools.

There is a great tutorial about "build", it will introduce build procedure for you. It will prepare you for reading this article.
Also, there is some packages from internet repository you will need. I don't know why aren't they on DVD. You can store them to folder of provided packages, "/home/to_build/provided" for me. I got them from x86_64 repository, and videolan repository for libmad and libdvdcss.


Step One - xine
The most important multimedia part of SUSE distro - xine engine. Let's build it first.
1. Download xine-lib-1.1.12-8.1.src.rpm from SUSE repositories and unpack it to some (target) folder.
2. Remove xine-lib-1.1.12-crippled.tar.bz2 from target folder.
3. Download xine-lib-1.1.12.tar.bz2 from official sourceforge website and save it to target folder.
4. Open xine-lib.spec with your favourite editor.
5. Change line like this:
"%define BUILD_XINE %{?_with_internal:2}%{!?_with_internal:%build_xine_default}" to "%define BUILD_XINE 2".
6. Set Release to "Release: 8.1.1" - it will with pleasure override already installed xine.
7. Modify source declaration from crippled:

Source: xine-lib-%version-crippled.tar.bz2
%if 0
Source: xine-lib-%version.tar.bz2

Source: xine-lib-%version.tar.bz2

8. Find and comment each of lines to let sources be uncrippled:

Source99: precheckin_cripple_tarball.sh
Patch70: xine-lib-crippled-LOCAL.diff

9. Also, change all
"mad" and "mad-devel" dependencies to "libmad" and "libmad-devel".
10. just build it:

build --root /home/to_build/root --rpms /home/to_build/provided xine-lib.spec
11. Take your packages from

Step Two - Kaffeine
Kaffeine is best front-end for xine ever-made. Let's build it with DVD support!
1. Download kaffeine-0.8.6-54.1.src.rpm and unpack it.
2. Comment each of this lines:

Patch0: %name.diff
Patch2: messagebox-dvd.diff
3. Build it. I got small problem with some locale files, so you can just add locale files after icons packaging:



Step Three - FreeType2
There is no subpixel font smoothing in SUSE, so it will be useful for LCD owners.
1. Download freetype2-2.3.5-62.1.src.rpm from SUSE repository and unpack it, for example into "/home/to_build/src/freetype".
2. Download full FreeType2 from official website into same folder ("/home/to_build/src/freetype"), replacing old one.
3. Change two blocks:
Source0: http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/freetype/freetype-%{version}.tar.bz2
Source1: http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/freetype/freetype-doc-%{version}.tar.bz2
Source0: freetype-%{version}.tar.bz2
Source1: freetype-doc-%{version}.tar.bz2
and from
%define enable_subpixel_rendering 0%{?opensuse_bs}
%define enable_subpixel_rendering 1
4. Just build it and install packages from same folder -

That is all! Now you have your SUSE good as new, without less integrated third-party packages and without crippled multimedia. It's time to install win32 codecs from packman and libdvdcss from videolan before first kaffeine launch, install amarok-xine and remove buggy amarok-yauap plugin.


SUSE 11.0 first impression

Yesterday I have installed new SUSE 11.0 linux at home. Impressions are very ambiguous...

1. Package manager works great! Starting from SUSE 10.0 it was slower and slower, scanning repositories for minutes, than hours, checking depencencies, updating indexes and doing lots of interesting, but totally unusable staff. New package manager in 11.0 is faster than light! Adding huge repositories takes less than second, depencency checks are done faster than you can even notice!
Second great improvement for package manager - much better dependencies lists. I hate mono, banshee and other dotnet staff, I totally disregard it. But in SUSE 10.1 and 10.2 I HAD TO install mono just because of some yast pattern. That time I even downloaded few distros to look for SUSE replacement. Why, the Hell, I need software patterns for package manager if there are plain dependencies with straight structure?! But now I am totally happy - no mono, no beagle, no banshee, no gtk-sharps and other crap in my fresh system.

2. Older SUSEs with first boot after installing loaded yast to configure different devices, network and graphics. This did not. It was very hard to read fonts with default screen resolution (1280x1024), while installer worked with 1024x768.

3. Selection of KDE version is very hard. KDE 4.0.4 is very interesting, giving great fast new desktop experience. While there are some leaks: 1) I am not extreme enough to use PIM from unstable 4.1 sources; 2) Alt+Tab hangs sometimes when you have few windows from other users; 3) there is no printer configuration in KDE control center now, and YaST module changed from 10.2 and can't configure it for some reason... So, clicking few hours in KDE4 is great, but I'll wait a month for 4.1 to arrive.

4. It is hard to choose all programs from one of KDE desktops. KTorrent is KDE4 by default, KGet in KDE4 is totally great. But Dolphin will never move Krusader away, K3b and Amarok still not ported to KDE4, Gwenview of KDE4 differs too much from original KDE3 version, and older is much more usable.


No horses for Nurgle forces

There are four major Chaos Gods in Warhammer. Each of them has it's own main idea. And each of them differs so much from others, that it's hard enough to put all of them to one army. But the most separated from others is Nurgle.

Khorne means rage, blood. It is not hard to give horses or other mounts to bloody berserkers. Tzeentch is hope - he is bad only because he is opposite to imperium or Emperor, so he can do everything. Slaanesh is pleasure - nothing evil, just pleasure. But Nurgle is decay. How many animals will accept decay? How many possibilities decay have? Medieval horses were scared by smell of camels, what can we say about Nurgle warriors? Griffins, dragons - who will take decayed champion close to himself? The only way to get horses or other mounts for Nurgle warriors - put decay deep in their minds and bodies. Small job for major Chaos God, but almost impossible for his cults. Only humanity is decayed enough to accept Nurgle without compromises. This guys far from "grean peace", in spite of being green to.