KDE 4.3 RC3

You may already know that KDE 4.3 RC3 released, and release delayed for a week. I can't stand that news, I thought that is will be released this Monday, but another 2 weeks... And of course I want to try it without harming my every day system with KDE 4.2.4 and only stable packages. In that moment I remembered about kde4live CDs, that I used some time before SUSE 11.1 released. And of course I found it fast enought using Google. And there are good news - on top of the page there is message that KDE 4.3 RC3 already packed to LiveCD and can be downloaded from SUSE's repositories. Well, Kubuntu users, don't you feel betrayed that your favourite "KDE-oriented" distro is far behind great and green OpenSUSE?

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