Homegrown projects: versioning

From time to time you need to set up some project at home. There are plenty of reasons: you are starting new opensource project, want to write few HelloWorlds with new frameworks, or you just don't want to go to office today.

And of course you want to use some VCS with your project, because it allows you to perform development in steps, plus standard VCS features like revert/diff.

I worked with CVS, SVN, Perforce and a tiny bit with VSS. And few days ago I tried Mercurial. Mostly because great support from NetBeans. But now Mercurial is total winner for home usage, only two simple steps and your repository is up and ready to be used from your favorite IDE. With Mercurial you don't need to start servers, use network connection, configure some system files using root privileges, just install and init project. And enjoy lightweight source control system that will provide you with all benefits of versioning.

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