Chaos Daemon Weapons

As I mentioned before, Codex Chaos Space Marines 2002 is much more logical and looks better fluff-wise than current Codex Chaos Space Marines 2007. And now another thing I like more in older Codex - Daemon Weapons. I'll quote small block of description of Daemon Weapons in both Codexes to show you what I mean.

Chaos Space Marines 2002
On page 13 of old Codex there is paragraph "Mastery":
In any player turn that the bearer inflicts at least one casualty on the enemy with Daemon weapon, the Daemon may gain enough strength to resist it's owner. This battle of will can be draining or even fatal for the wielder. Make a Leadership test at the end of the turn. If the test is failed the wielder suffers a "Perils of the Warp" attack...

Chaos Space Marines 2007
Similar description from Codex 2007, on page 93:
Adds an extra D6 Attacks in close combat. Roll the dice every time the model is about to attack. If the result is 1, the bound Daemon within the weapon rebels - the model may not make any attacks in this round and suffers one wound with no armour saves allowed.

In version 2007 it looks like Daemon does not want to fight, does not want to spill the blood. It's strange behavior for the Chaos Daemon, don't you think so? While in 2002 version everything looks fine, Daemon gains his strength from butchering and drinking the blood.

I want to suggest to create some home rule that will improve fluff part of Daemon weapons for Codex 2007. While it is easier to pass Leadership test than get 1 on D6 I will not suggest to use 2002 version right away. There must be better options.

My first suggestion is to make 1 on Daemon weapon rolls work as +1 Attack, but to pass Leadership test at the end of the turn, but modify Leadership of wielder by -1 per each wound Daemon weapon inflicted. As a result Khornate Lord after inflicting 7 wounds will have to pass Leadership test against Ld 3. What do you think about it?

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